Unheard EP

by Stolen Sheep

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UNHEARD concludes the mini-song-cycle hinted at on 2010's "Moving Slowly" EP, with the bookend tracks "Unheard Pt1" and "Unheard Pt3" – distinct variations on a single musical and lyrical theme also heard in the "Moving Slowly" track "Unheard Pt2." Also included are the meditation on creativity "Up To Me," and the powerful stack-of-guitars track "Idiot."


released August 14, 2012

Personnel: George Middlebrooks / Guitar+Vocals+Keyboards. Jesse Wagner / Bass. John T. Baker / Drums.

Recorded in 2011/2012 at Baker Acres and Depth of Field Studio in Knoxville TN. Mastered by John Harvey at Top Hat Recording in Austin TX.

All songs written by George Middlebrooks, except "Needles…", written by Brian Eno / Phil Manzanera.



all rights reserved


Stolen Sheep Knoxville

Stolen Sheep is George Middlebrooks (vocals, guitar), Jesse Wagner (bass, vocals), John Baker (guitar, vocals) and Gray Comer (drums). Originating as Middlebrooks' home recording project, Baker, Comer and Wagner came on board in 2010 to bring old songs to life onstage, and to collaborate on the creation of new songs. ... more

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Track Name: Unheard Pt1
Did you hear the song I wrote in your name?
(It was a dangerous thing…)

Did you keep a key when I locked that door?
(Have you broken in here before?)

When I was in pain, did you laugh or cry?
Could I look you straight in the eye?

Did you hear the words that I wrote in vain?
(They only meant everything)
Track Name: Up To Me
I've been digging for a metaphor—
I don't recognize art anymore.
That's a bit of me that died away
(What a thing to say)

I've been searching for a simile,
Like a boat, drifting out to sea.
But no one writes their words as trite as these,
So it's up to me.

I'll just mumble through the megaphone…
No one's listening anyway.

I've been trying to write this middle eight,
Like a bridge would take me to a higher place.
But here, the ground only swerves and sways—
So on the ground, I stay.

I'm trying drifting toward a major key
To break the cloud that's only darkening.
But no one plays the minor notes like these,
So it's up to me.

I'll just mumble through the megaphone…
No one's listening anyway.
I saw the flaws in this cause from the start—
But I still bought it, and sold it back to you.
(And now we're screwed…)
Track Name: Idiot
One more idiot falls away.
It's one more bad decision you made.
You break the bricks that make the thing that keeps you safe.
One more idiot falls away.

Cast away in a homemade boat—
You got the navigator drunk.
We looked for answers where the question marks appeared.
Cast away in a homemade boat.

Is there room for one more?

One more story over-told—
It's one more word you over-wrote.
A tired old narrative—the books are almost full.
One more story over-told.

Is there room for one more?
Is there room for one more idiot?
Track Name: Unheard Pt3
You looked so right, framed in my arms.
We must be some kind of art.

I'd write you songs, and I'd write you books…
If that's what i thought it took.

I'd sooner be burned, than let go of you.
What do you expect me to do?

So did you hear the words that I wrote in vain?
They only meant everything.