Moving Slowly EP

by Stolen Sheep

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released October 21, 2010

Written, performed, and recorded by George Middlebrooks in 2009-2010. Recorded at Depth of Field Studio in Knoxville TN.



all rights reserved


Stolen Sheep Knoxville

Stolen Sheep is George Middlebrooks (vocals, guitar), Jesse Wagner (bass, vocals), John Baker (guitar, vocals) and Gray Comer (drums). Originating as Middlebrooks' home recording project, Baker, Comer and Wagner came on board in 2010 to bring old songs to life onstage, and to collaborate on the creation of new songs. ... more

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Track Name: Moving Slowly (rock)
Heard about what happened here last night.
That kind of news always seems to reach me too late.
(I try not to let it bother me)

Heard about your back, you got it knifed-
That kind of thing happens to the best of us losers.
You know that is how it’s always been.

Saw you wrote a letter from the south-
That kind of thing I don’t need to read- (embarrasses
me, even when I’m sitting by myself)

Looking at the stars up in the sky,
They all seem to sit and stare at me all night, mockingly
Moving slowly so I can’t see with my eyes.
Track Name: Simple Machines
When I cut off my nose to spite my face,
You stood back and watched incredulously.
Was it all you'd imagined (the fall of me)?
Was it really so easy? Would you ever say?

When I cut out my heart to spite my chest,
I didn't know to expect there'd be nothing left.
We are simple machines—we are more than we seem.
We are easily broken and we are easily maimed.

In the footnotes tell the story. Leave your letters. Save your drawings.
Skip the big words—make it simple. Paint the picture using broad strokes.
Answer questions open-ended. Shed influence. Work from memory.
Make a record of every movement. Every detail will be proven.

We are simple machines. We are more than we seem.
Track Name: Almost Did It
Remember the time that we almost did it?
(Hidden away in your parents' old basement,
Drunk on some gin that we stole from your mom's liquor stash)

On the wrong track and too young to know it—
You threw the brakes, said "it'll ruin our friendship,"
And I didn't get it, but that's just how shit like that goes.

Out of my head, feeling rather embarrassed,
I just fled the scene like a robbery suspect.
I turned up the music, and drowned out you calling my name.

Licking my wounds and regretting the notion
That anything bigger than nothing would happen,
I just went home, watched cartoons and called it a day.

Your mind was sound and your heart was right,
But you left town a week from that night,
And I never saw you again for the rest of my life.

I never stopped (kind of) thinking about you—
I wonder what happened and what became of you,
But never enough to take the time to just look you up.

You've probably got kids and you make lots of money
And I never did much, but that's alright with me.
Life is too short to sit around constructing regret.

I never plan because plans go awry,
And nothing's like it plays in my mind…
And I never was very good at saying goodbye.
Track Name: Unheard Pt2
I can still feel the heat of your leg.
Did you hear a word that I said?

The words between the lines are burned in my brain.
I now know everything has changed.

Every sacred place I don’t belong.
I don’t know my rights from my wrongs.

So I lay awake, with the noise in my head.
(Reverberating words I spoke in vain)